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  • Droid’s monthly average

+ 24%


We are the experts of AI supercharged FOREX robots.

Nous mixons le meilleur des technologies de l'IA au service de votre investissement.

We provide automated trading services based on artificial intelligence. Make your capital grow today by the easiest way, without trading knowledge.

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No trading skills required

  • Trading is not simple, but our robots make it for you.

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Our unique service offers an approach that comes with serious features.

Your money is
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You are totally free, stop when you want.

Risk under

Low drawdown that keeps risk under control

Trading for

Investment starts at 1K, without knowledge of basic trading

Learn trading within our community

Enjoy trading education and more services

Pay only when
you win.

Based on profit’s commission, you pay when you win.


Needs help, our expert is available for you.

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No knowledges required, 4X Droid makes your capital grow 24/5, even while you’re sleeping.


Starting investment

Small capital will become big, the more you invest, the more your profit is important!


Daily average ROI

Per day, our droids release more profit than your best bank investment in a year.

Our droids

Our robots are crafted, tested with love and fully dedicated to grow our capital.

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Grow your capital effortlessly.

Once your configuration is complete, no action is required. Our droids generate profits 24/5*.

  • Yes, even while you are sleeping!

partenariat basic 4x Droid

Zero config

You don’t need complex setup, no server, or rocket science software! Follow your capital growth from your mobile phone*!

  • Just install MT4 on your mobile phone and voilà.
    Easy and free!

Diversify your strategies.

We offer you two differents droids*, and each one has his own strategy. So you can split your capital on each of them. This way, you lower the risks by diversifying strategies.

  • More cool robots are coming soon.

How it works?

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Your bank yield nothing, we do!

While banking became less and less lucrative for investors, we provide rentability through FOREX and algo trading.

Let’s rob the banks!

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